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Kind of Corny Thanksgiving Side Dishes Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Jeff Mauro

Join Jeff Mauro, co-host of Food Network’s series The Kitchen, and learn how to make traditional Thanksgiving side dishes – corn on the cob or cornbread among the many options - with a fun and carefree twist.


Jeff’s hosting skills make him the perfect chef to entertain your attendees while learning different techniques and styles to apply to their own classic recipes for the upcoming holiday season.


Thanksgiving Side Dishes Cooking Class 
Suggested Program

Discover what makes Jeff Mauro a national delight while learning a few different ways he enhances the traditional Thanksgiving side dish. 

Jeff will walk guests through his favorite recipes for the ultimate Thanksgiving side, although he is known for many, including his trademarked creamiest, butteriest, tastiest mashed potatoes.

Following the culinary demonstration, Jeff will walk guests through a few ideas on what to do with their Thanksgiving leftovers ensuring nothing goes to waste. Each guest will receive a culinary kit to include ingredients and Jeff’s cookbook to commemorate their experience.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes Virtual Cooking Class
Program Inclusions

  • One (1) hour virtual cooking class with Jeff Mauro

  • Culinary ingredient kit shipped to each guest with gift

  • 30-second clip if available and save the date

  • Management of shipping logistics to all attendees 

  • Turnkey invitation process to include all creative costs

  • Branded creative gifting insert

  • Registration site build and management

  • Platform management 

  • SHG pre-program logistics and program management

  • Post-event recap with link to event, attendance list & chat response

Thanksgiving Side Dishes Virtual Cooking Class
Gifting & Creative

The Thanksgiving Sides Culinary Kit can include a variety of options such as:

  • Branded recipe cards

  • Celebrity Chef Cookbook

  • Culinary ingredients for Thanksgiving Side dish(es)


*Please note that gifting can be customized and SHG can tailor to fit your needs

Chef Jeff Mauro

Born in Chicago, Jeff Mauro was a ham on a roll from the very beginning. Raised in a large family with four kids, he competed for attention not by making his sisters cry, but by making his family laugh. Jeff’s flair for the stage was discovered early, and from that point on, he immersed himself in the performing arts. When Jeff discovered the power of food, all bets were off. After graduating from Bradley University in Peoria, Ill., he opened up Prime Time Deli & Catering in Westmont, Ill., with his cousin and instantly fell in love with cooking. During the day, Jeff would craft sandwiches, soups and salads; at night, he satisfied his performing bug playing the role of Tony in Chicago’s Tony and Tina's Wedding. With his professional cooking knowledge and his acting and improvisation skills polished, he moved to Los Angeles in an attempt to meld his two loves — cooking and comedy. After a few years in Hollywood, he upped the ante and enrolled in the Le Cordon Bleu culinary program to refine his cooking skills. Jeff graduated valedictorian, packed and returned to Chicago, where he taught cooking lessons, was a successful private corporate chef and sandwich artist, and performed on stage during the weekends. He won Season 7 of Food Network Star and is the host of the Emmy-nominated series Sandwich King. He's also a co-host on The Kitchen. Jeff lives in Chicago with his wife, Sarah, and their son, Lorenzo, and Jeff's favorite color is pastrami.

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