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Virtual Escape Room Halloween Haunted House

You’re driving down the road on a dark and cloudy October night when your car breaks down. You have no choice but to stay at an abandoned motel until help arrives the next morning. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, you get locked inside by the motel owner! In this virtual escape room experience, you and a group of your colleagues will have to work together to get yourselves out safely while also doing so faster than other groups of event attendees! 


Virtual Escape Room Suggested Program

You and your guests will be greeted by your enthusiastic host, who will set the stage for the escape room challenge that you and your fellow attendees will have to navigate.


Once the stage is set, you and your teammates will find yourselves in the spooky predicament described above and you’ll be moved to a breakout room where another live host will give the team clues to escape before the creepy clock runs out.


Each guest will be able to commemorate their experience with a team photo that will be sent digitally as a post-event gift


Turn on your cameras, grab the whole family and log on for this unique experience that will be sure to get your heart racing.

Virtual Escape Room Program Inclusions

  • (1) virtual escape room experience

  • Escape Room gifting shipped to each guest

  • 30-second clip if available and save the date

  • Management of shipping logistics to all attendees 

  • Turnkey invitation process to include all creative costs

  • Branded creative gifting insert

  • Registration site build and management

  • Platform management 

  • SHG pre-program logistics and program management

  • Post-event recap with link to event, attendance list & chat response

Virtual Escape Room Gifting

Each participant will receive the following to commemorate their experience and to enjoy during their escape room adventure with the whole family:

  • Commemorative digital team photo

  • Game night snack package including:

    • Starburst

    • Milk Duds

    • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

    • M&M’s

    • Skittles

    • Cracker Jacks

    • Hershey Chocolate

    • Movie Style Popcorn

  • Creative insert to include event details


*Please note that gifting can be customized and SHG can tailor to fit your needs

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