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Premium Virtual Tequila Tasting Experience

Guests will be treated to this first-class tequila tasting experience where they will be sent four (4) different varieties of tequila to taste alongside a tequila expert and add to their collection following the event. The different bottles include a blanco, a reposado, an anejo, and an extra anejo. A tequila expert will walk attendees through the different tastes, colors, and smells each premium tequila has showcasing the differences in each type. After the tasting is complete, each guest will still have a full bottle of each to then enjoy on their own time with family and friends!


Virtual Tequila Tasting Suggested Program

Guests will receive Tequila tasting kits which feature four (4) well-known tequilas to sample. Each kit will also include a branded glass and a bartending tool kit as takeaways for each attendee.


During the experience, guests will be taken through a true tequila tasting experience from a tequila expert. Attendees will sample each of the different bottles as they learn what distinguishes each from one another along with the subtle tastes and smells each encompasses.


Guests will be able to ask questions about what they are sampling along with learning about the distilling process. It will truly be an unforgettable experience and attendees will still have a lot of tequila to share and sample!

Virtual Tequila Tasting Program Inclusions

  • One-hour virtual Tequila Tasting experience with Tequila Expert

  • Tequila tasting kit shipped to each guest prior to event

  • 30-second clip if available and save the date

  • Management of shipping logistics to all attendees 

  • Turnkey invitation process to include all creative costs

  • Branded creative gifting insert

  • Registration site build and management

  • Platform management 

  • SHG pre-program logistics and program management

  • Post-event recap with link to event, attendance list & chat response

Virtual Tequila Tasting Gifting and Creative

For the virtual Tequila Tasting event each guest will receive:

  • Four (4) tequila bottles featuring blanco, reposado, anejo, and extra anejo

  • (2) tequila tasting glasses 

  • Branded tasting card


*Please note that gifting can be customized and SHG can tailor to fit your needs

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