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Leathercraft and Virtual Whiskey Tasting

During the pandemic, many people have had to look for new hobbies and ways to exercise their creativity. This unique virtual experience allows guests to learn how to create and craft their very own watch straps from a piece of leather. Guests will pour themselves a glass of whiskey as they open their very own leather making kits to begin hand crafting their very own strap. Throughout the experience attendees will be walked through a step-by-step process on how to fine tune this unique art. At the end, guests will walk away not only with their own personal strap but have the skill set to create others from various pieces of leather as they desire!


Virtual Whiskey Tasting Suggested Program

  • Each guest will receive their own leather crafting kit and a piece of leather to create their own strap

  • This kit will be paired with whiskey for guests to enjoy throughout the experience

  • Attendees will pour themselves a glass of whiskey as the leather shaping expert talks through the tastes they are getting from the whiskey before diving into crafting their very own watch strap

  • Guests will be taken through a step-by-step process in hand crafting leather and at the end be able to walk away with a personal self-made strap

  • At the end, guests will be able to ask questions so they can create their own straps from various other leathers as they desire

Virtual Whiskey Tasting Program Inclusions

  • One (1) hour virtual whiskey tasting and leathercraft watch strap experience with expert

  • Heaven’s Door Trilogy Whiskey Set and branded whiskey kits

  • All gifting components in order to create hand crafted watch straps including tools, leather, and glue

  • 30-second clip if available and save the date

  • Management of shipping logistics to all attendees 

  • Turnkey invitation process to include all creative costs

  • Branded creative gifting insert

  • Registration site build and management

  • Platform management 

  • SHG pre-program logistics and program management

  • Post-event recap with link to event, attendance list & chat response

Virtual Whiskey Tasting Gifting and Creative

For the virtual whiskey tasting each guest will receive:

  • Leather Making Crafting Kit

  • Piece of leather for the watch strap

  • Heaven’s Door Trilogy Whiskey Kit

  • Branded Whiskey Sets

  • Branded tasting notecard


*Please note that gifting can be customized and SHG can tailor to fit your needs

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